Techno-Games 2001

Team KAM Entry

Team KAM

Kane, Michael & Anthony

And the Robots:

A1 M2 K3

Team KAM first apperance on Techno Games was on the 16th of March BBC 2 2001

Above early prototypes of the hand mechanism made using Lego. Some of the parts were then CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) made using ABS, which gave the mechanism strength to grip the baton!!

Above and Below: The Robots with the Gold Medals. In the order driven A1(Anthony driving) then M2 (Michael driving) and final K3 (Kane driving). You can see in the pictures the white ABS made by CNC. The cars were driven using 40Mhz 2x Futaba Sky Sport 4 (Also used in Series 2 & 3 of Robot Wars) and a Sky Sport 6 (Also used in Series 4 of Robot Wars)

Below: The team after receiving the medals with the three R/C cars.

Team KAM leaving the studios at Park Street for another year. At least this time we leave victorious!!!!!

TEAM KAM will return to defend the title and World Record in the Relay Event of Techno Games 2002

Below the times of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd

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