Behemoth Series II (1998)

Behemoth in its early days, left the first signs of a robot with just a chassis out of Dexion. Next a side shot of the workings again showing the Dexion frame. Then at the auditions being weighed in at 56.5kg, finally finishing at 67.7kg. 


The slogan of the first Behemoth which was " EAT ME  I'M DONE" which we used after watching "Friends". this has not reappeared on the following evolutions but it may return some day!!!!! Below: After filming of series 2 looking a bit battered but still functioning!

Below: How Behemoth looked at the end of it all before filming!!

Behemoth EVO I now lives in box compiling of just the bare parts waiting to be rebuilt one day, this was because we took it apart in order to rebuild using the same chassis but we then decided to make it bigger to make it more competitive!

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